We teach with passion.

Michael and Scott have both won a multitude of teaching awards at the University of Montana and University of Massachusetts.   They bring a unique approach to the classroom by grounding ideas and concepts in a real-world perspective.  Despite their success, they both know that excellence in teaching requires continous improvement, constant re-assessment, and an open dialogue with other educators.   We welcome this dialogue.  We've included some examples of our teaching materials.   Please feel free to use them.  As can be imagined, they are tightly integrated with Mastering Strategy, as well as with the stuff we're doing with Business Model Innovation (our next book? Maybe!)  If you have any questions or comments, send us an email on the "Contact" page...we would be interested to hear what you do.

Mike's Undergraduate Strategy Syllabus

Scott's  Undergraduate Strategy Syllabus

Even the Octopus knows Honda's Core Competence!

Mike's Open-source (Free!) Case Study on Podere Riosto, an Italian family-owned vineyard facing growing pains.

Course Resources

List of cases to be used with Mastering Strategy

Honda and Core Competencies - A Video is Worth a Thousand Words - This video is a great complement to our chapter on core competencies - Chapter 6.

Syllabus for Undergraduate Business Model Design Course

Syllabus for MBA Advanced Strategy Course

MBA Predictive Strategy Project Outline

MBA Strategic Communications (Memo) Assignment

MBA Strategic Imperatives Mapping Assignment

Strategic Imperatives Activity Mapping (Detailed Template)

More on Honda! We detailed the company's core competence and leap into aerospace: now on the market!

Walmart's rise over the past 50+ years...represented visually.  Coooool!

Blockbuster misses the boat...and gives The Onion ammunition. Here's a fun and funny video, to mix things up!

Amazon...heck of a story! From its humble beginnings to the behemoth it has become, take a look at this BBC documentary. You won't get Jeff Bezos' trademark laugh out of your head...

PPT: How Amazon changed the Book Publishing Value System...and how Apple muscled in. (Workshop 5)

From peelers to can openers to syringes...ever wondered what OXO's Core Competence Trees looks like?