Resume Help


Below  a few 'strategic' tips to enhance your resume and cover letters.


Click on the document links to see sample resumes and cover letters!


As you craft your resume, keep the following three guidelines in mind...


    1. Best foot forward: Lead with accomplishments/experiences you are most proud of...and sell them!


    2. Quantify and qualify: Quantify your accomplishments and contributions using numbers, percentages, etc. and qualify the    

       extent of your involvement ("Solely responsible for ....").


     3. Use language to belong: Try to work in language of the discipline/industry or even the position you are applying for.








     For those of you with more experience (a few years out of school), you may want to consider an Executive Resume.

     Click on the sample below:






Cover Letter Help


     1. Flatter:  Show your prospective employers you have done your homework on them; accentuate some of their



     2. Identify:  Indicate to your prospective employers you understand the challenges they face in the marketplace.


     3. Solve: Tell them how you will bring your skills and experiences to the firm to make it better

        (i.e., overcome some of those challenges); convince them of their Return on  Investment in YOU!









     Remember!!!  Don't end your letter with "I look forward to hearing from you."  


                                                              Stay in control of the process..."I will call you next week to follow up"...AND THEN FOLLOW UP!