Winter (by the fire) Reads

Two books recently popped up on our radars, and we thought we'd pass on the suggestions. The first is "Red Notice" by Bill Browder, his first-person account of seeking his fame and fortune in post-Soviet Russia as a hedge fund manager. Not only is Browder's story fascinating, but he's a heck of writer as well. Taking the reader on his roller coaster ride through the early days of activist investing, the story turns dark, sinister, and downright scary as Browder bumps up against Putin's inner circle. The other book for anyone sharing our passion for corporate turnarounds is "American Icon" by Bryce Hoffman. Hoffman's story takes an in-depth look at automotive giant Ford's predicament prior to the Great Recession and its subsequent turnaround under Alan Mulally. As both GM and Chrysler spiraled into Chapter 11, Ford not only weathered the storm but managed to get a head start for the eventual economic upswing. A great account of strategic leadership.

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