Thought leadership

We try to offer concrete research that can help managers.   Below are some of the articles that might help you think about your industry and/or company from a different perspective.   Ideally, we hope they help your bottom line.

Strategy & Business Models: Why winning companies need both

All together now: strategy mapping for family businesses

Don't Treat Innovation as a Cure-All

Organizational Decline and Innovation: Turnarounds and Downward Spirals

Pulling off the comeback: shrink, expand, neither, both?

Jilted? The manager's little book for keeping customers in a recession

A direct result from numerous workshops and client engagements on evaluating competitive positioning and crafting value propositions, this Journal of Business Strategy article provides a simple framework for evaluating long-term competitive profitability.

This is our practitioner piece for family businesses published in the Journal of Business Strategy. The article was developed together with our colleague Emily Porschitz at Keene State fact, we presented it at the Mondadnock Family Business Summit in 2015!

Our Harvard Business Review article on the perils of innovation is based on our Academy of Management Review article.

This Academy of Management article which we co-authored with Bill McKinley at the University of Southern Illinois addresses whether or not innovation is always a good course of action.  

Pulling off a turnaround requires striking a balance between cuts and investment.  Most companies fail to recognize this, and go to strong to one side - making things worse.  This Journal of Business Strategy article addresses this delicate the balance.

How do you make sure your company keeps its customers during a recession?  We provide a sense of what it takes, and what strategic considerations have to be addressed in this Journal of Business Strategy article.

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