What we are reading and paying attention to!

In today's information economy, where competitive dynamics change by the second, we try to keep our finger on the pulse of strategy.  Visit this page to get a sense of what we are reading and other interesting articles or other strategy tidbits.   It could be from the Wall Street Journal, or it could be from Variety - strategy comes in all shapes and sizes.

Where Business Models end...and Strategy takes over

On Leadership...and Yahoo's decline.

Alas...Amazon stumbles. Strategic misfit?  You be the judge.

Amazon's Business Model...the VC's take

Tesla: Why it's not a car company

RadioShack...great ad, but it just ain't enough...

Walmart calls it quits with Bharti...and eyes Indian e-commerce!

Having taught both Strategy and Business Model Design/Innovation for some years now it's been fascinating to see where the two domains overlap...and where they don't. Blue Apron...great case in point.

By now, our fascination with struggling companies should be apparent. But does Yahoo need a new strategy? Or a new business model?

We love Jeff Bezos! What a visionary! That said, it's always insightful to have leaders of his status make a strategic mistake once in a while. Link to the Fast Company article detailed Amazon's Fire phone debacle.

The folks at VC Andreessen Horowitz provide a compelling argument for Bezos' unrelenting push into multiple markets and their related investments, and why profits don't tell the story behind this giant.

If you're looking for justification for Tesla's nose-bleed valuation, listen to Matthew Argersigner's "ecosystem" story and how Elon Musk is redefining the automotive and energy industries.

Poor ol' RadioShack.  The company is on the ropes. While their SuperBowl commercial made waves, the retailer is in a death spiral. Take a look at the YouTube videos to see some reasons for their decline. (Since this posting, RadioShack filed for Ch. 11)

In Workshop 9, we detail Walmart's foreign market entry strategy with Bharti.  While they called it quits, it seems Walmart has a toehold for future growth.