Who should read this book?

Written in an easy-to-read manner using everyday examples, Mastering Strategy relies on the most prevalent frameworks in business today to build a complete toolkit for anyone to start crafting strategy. By favoring industry lingo over academic jargon, Mastering Strategy provides the vocabulary you will need when “talking strategy” to promote your ideas and initiatives in the workplace. The book is intended for those looking for a practical introduction to strategy, as well as those seeking to take their strategic thinking skills to the next level. Maybe you are thinking about starting a business and are grappling with the question, “How will I distinguish my business from my competition?” Or maybe you’re involved in an existing enterprise that needs a strategic boost to take it to the next level. Whether you’re a novice to strategy or an experienced manager, Mastering Strategy will make you a better strategic thinker. Period.


Mastering Strategy: Workshops for Business Success has sold thousands of copies worldwide and has been adopted by a number of organizations, including UCFB, the U.K.-based educational leader in football business, sport and events industries, the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, Keene State University, and Worcester State University, among others.

Don't take our word for it...see what others say about Mastering Strategy:


"I am especially appreciative to receive a copy of your Strategic Planning book.  I will certainly use it with my family businesses, as it is very clear, comprehensive and user-friendly with family business clients." - Everett


"It really does a great job of boiling down some complex ideas into simple applications. Chapter 1's introduction of the idea of a strategy DNA - that is what your business' strategy is, was super helpful (for me anyways). The writing is excellent, very down to earth, not like most business books." - Jack


"Just to say that I really love the book and the resources here. It's going to make my job a lot easier!" - Andy

"It was to-the-point and I have found it to be very useful and easy to navigate...this book was great." - A.C.